Happy Wednesday! The BEST day to live in Clarion.

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! The irrefutable BEST day to live in Clarion. Fact.


Have you guys noticed the ridiculous sunrises recently? My office window faces East, and I'm glad it does every morning. Spring: it's creeping around out there. I can't wait!


Anyhow, seasonal digression aside, this IS indeed WEDNESDAY and that means we re-stock the Beef Barn with everything you love! Clarion and local food go together like steak and peas in a Prohibition Pastries pot pie...

What are we excited about?


Canoe bones - These are long marrow bones cut in half to enable easy access to all that good stuff inside. You've been asking, Cunningham's made it happen!


Bone-in Rib Steaks - Like your own slice of Prime Rib cooked just to your specifications, bone-in ribeyes look awesome on your grill and even better on your plate.

Jerky and Beef Sticks - Travelling? Working outside? These are perfect snacks to keep you running through a busy day. Everyone has their own jerky recipe. Nobody uses their own BEEF! Trust the source, friends.

Brisket - St. Patrick's Day is this weekend, and you can make an awesome corned beef for your party (...or just for yourself). Need a recipe? No Problem! Check out Ty Kepler's creation in The Kitchen. You can do it!

Of course, there is also a fresh supply of ground beef, roasts, sirloins, t-bones, chip steak, beef hot dogs, beef BACON, filet, and just about everything else.

Stop out and stock up today - you'll be glad you did at meal time!