Oil City, Today is Your Day!

We would LOVE to see you in Oil City today!!


Our belief is that buying directly from the farm should be simple and straightforward, which is why we make the effort to being the farm to your town each month. The YMCA at Oil City has been one of our drop locations for years, and we have a following of great people who make the effort to stop by and pick out their favorite BEEF each time we're there.

Interested? Find us in the lobby of the Y during typical lunch hours - 11:30 until 1:30 - on the first Thursday of every month. You may sign up for our email reminders and pre-order what you're craving or simply wing it and stop in to see what steaks, roasts, and ground beef we have in the coolers (we always bring a little extra.)


Gina has the day off today so our favorite salesman (Henry) is riding along to be adorable and hustle some steak. Stop by if you're interested, or send us a message for more information.

Have a great Thursday!!