It's Farm Dog Friday!!



Oscar is the pillow fort KING. Considering the length of those little legs supporting the fore and aft positions of his sausage torso, it's amazing he can use them to maneuver something as bulky as stuffed cloth.

Truth be told, constructing adequate shelter from the materials lying around on the couch is a full body workout for the Hound. I've watched the process:

1) Identify the correct cushion.

2) Scratch vigorously at the fibers in a futile attempt to 'fluff' the tired old fabric.

3) Pull pillows to desired construction location

4) Heave, push, pull, grunt, groan, bark, bite, kick, shove, bark, and bite some more until everything is just right.

5) Collapse the entire mess attempting to enter the newly constructed castle.

6) Sigh frequently and use 'sad eyes' until John-Scott finally takes pity, gets up from the computer, and reassembles the fort with Dachshund inside.

7) Nap enthusiastically.

I didn't know our household was so bad that additional walling was necessary. I guess my vantage point is different from that of a 13 inch wiener dog. Perspective. It makes a difference.

Happy Friday, everyone! Eat BEEF this weekend!!