Wednesday at the Beef Barn!

IT'S WEDNESDAY!! The undeniable, undisputed, top-notch BEST day to live in Clarion. Why? We re-stock the Beef Barn with all of your favorite cuts!


You know, life can be a struggle; a foremost predicament for modern humanity is the question of where to get good beef. The answer is not that hard to discover, though. Ask yourself: do you want beef that was hand raised and sold at its source, or would you prefer second-hand beef? Like second-hand smoke, second-hand beef leaves you at the mercy of someone else's decisions, whereas beef from the farm it was raised puts you in the driver's seat. You can form a relationship with the farmers and determine yourself if the product is worthy of purchase. When trust is formed, the hardest decision you'll have to make is whether to grill a sirloin or a flank steak when your guests arrive.

We're loaded up today, but it's been busy! Here are a few standouts:

  • Beef bacon is back!

  • Beef hot dogs are back!

  • Marrow bones are in stock!

  • HUGE numbers of ribeyes are piled on the shelf!

  • Prohibition Pastries Pot Pies (made with Clarion Farms Beef) are back!

  • Ground beef is plentiful (for now)!

Is that enough exclamation points for one day? No, one more.

See you at the Beef Barn!