Farm Dog Friday!!!


Oscar sure requires a lot of water for a dog that hates getting his paws wet. We can't walk anywhere without eventually observing a dried-out tongue dragging through the dirt behind a staggering, thirsty hound.

When death from dehydration seems imminent, a Dachshund will get pretty brave to quench his thirst. The pond is big, deep, full of scary frogs, and definitely not a place for wiener dogs to spend the afternoon.

But. Water. So much water. And he's SO parched...

After running like a sissy from a spooked fish and carefully eyeballing the angry goose across the water, he went for it. The water level dropped an inch, I think; that dog drinks a LOT. After loading enough ballast to sustain his journey home, the dog led our little party across the field towards the house. When we arrived, Oscar's first stop was his water bowl. It isn't nearly as intimidating as the pond (and there aren't any fish).

Happy Friday, everyone! Eat BEEF this weekend!