Saturday in the Strip!


I am headed your direction this morning with full coolers! Find me on Penn Avenue between 22 and 23 Streets from 9-12 beside the extraordinary Bar Marco and joined by our friends Gruber Farms Pasture Raised Meats.

Isn't it great to see a leaf on a tree? A flower in a garden? Even if we're getting a little damp, this is a great time of year.

It makes people want to get together with friends, yet springtime friends gatherings have a dark side: they're junk food celebrations. Chips, processed meatballs in a bag, pop, flavored cakes and cookies. We've all been there and done that, but, when you really think about it...blah.

It doesn't have to be this way. Spring is here! Celebrate with good food! Make meatballs at home with our ground beef and take them to your party. Chipped steak can be grilled on trays and makes awesome sandwiches. Throw some short ribs in the crock pot the day before - eating ribs outside is the BEST because you can make a mess. Did I mention that we have pre-formed patties that make grilling quick and easy? Crowd: no problem.

OK, so you're convinced and you'll be over to see us. Here's everything you'll find today:

(Really Good) Snacks




chipped steak 2

chuck eye 2

cubed steak 2

eye of round 1

filet 2 medallions 1 whole

flank 5

flat iron 2

hanger 1

petite tenders 2

porterhouse 4

ribeye 4

round steak 1

sirloin 6

skirt steak 3

strip steaks 1


arm 3

brisket 1 SMOKED

chuck 4

English 1

eye of round 2

London Broil 2

rolled rump 2

shank 2

tip 2

Ground Beef

80/20 ground chuck

90/10 ground round

1/4# patties

Odds and Ends

bacon 11

canoe bones (marrow!) 2

hot dogs 4

ox tail 5

short ribs 5

soup bones 1 bag

stew meat 4

That's it! See you in the Strip!