Happy Wednesday! The BEST day to live in Clarion.


It's the middle of the week, half way to the weekend, and definitely the undisputed BEST day to live in Clarion.

Why? Everyone who doesn't live in our town has to wait to get their beef, but you, dear friends, get to experience restock day at the Beef Barn when it happens!! Good meals, here we come!

What's exciting today? Lots of things:


Honey sticks: a new flavor of our very popular beef sticks is hitting the shelf today. Hey, parents, these will be perfect to keep you satisfied during your kids' sporting events...


Chip steak: Cunningham's does a great job with our chip steak - have you tried it? Our top round roasts are sliced so thin it's amazing. Toss a pound in a skillet and you'll have PERFECT seared beef for sandwiches. That's a fast meal that doesn't even resemble fast food.


I can't help but include ground beef; seriously, who doesn't love a burger? On a spring evening? Oh, yeah...

…And there are ribeyes, t-bones, strip steaks, flank steaks, sirloins, and a TON of other awesome cuts!

Plan today for your meals this weekend, and you'll be trilled when Friday rolls around...

See you at the store!