Wednesday: The BEST day to live in Clarion!

IT'S WEDNESDAY!!!! The undisputed, undeniable, nationally recognized BEST day to live in Clarion.

Why? You know the answer! We re-stock the Beef Barn on Wednesday, so you, dear friends, get first whack at the only source of completely legitimate beef in town. We raise it all, and we sell it, period. No dubious additions to the inventory here!

Is that really a big deal? YES! I recently had a conversation that helped to reveal the widespread deceit when it comes to selling food. Salesmen will blur any line to get buyers to believe what they want them to believe, and that results in a tremendous amount of counterfeit food being traded and consumed in unsuspecting homes. Many times customers think they are supporting a cause, when in fact there is no cause at all backing the transaction.

Are you happy thinking you're eating well, or do you prefer certainty at the dinner table? This is the place for validity, and we have a growing number of people joining us to make your town's farm the most authentic hub of food lifestyle ideas in the county. You can be completely sure of that.

We're thoughtful about your food, and we're growing it with more feet per acre.