Wednesday: The BEST day to live in Clarion!

IT'S WEDNESDAY!!! We made it to the undisputed BEST day to live in Clarion. Why is it so grand?

We re-stock the Beef Barn, and you, dear friends, get to have the first attack on new inventory! Woo!

It seems everyone these days is running frenetically trying to get in front of you with something 'local'. That's great, but too often I see these garrulous go-getters looking to cash in on the popularity of the word without embracing its true meaning. What a black eye for such a grand cause.

Here, we're straightforward: we raise beef, we sell it. YOU provide the support that keeps things flowing. And as things move along, we add in more layers of greatness. Little Sprouts Produce is ramping up for a new season of veggies - you should see the size of the potato patch! And Ty Kepler is making out mouths water with recipes. Did you check out the breakfast burger? Might want to make that this week...

Steaks, ground beef, and roasts, for grilling, lasagna, and shredded beef tacos.

We also have jerky, beef bacon, hot dogs, pot pies, hand pies, and lots of other great stuff to eat. Be. Excited.

Ah, yes, it's a good day to be in town...