Wednesday: The BEST day to live in Clarion!

IT'S WEDNESDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Wednesdays are the uncontested BEST day to live in Clarion, because today is the day Clarion Farms Beef is re-stocked in the Beef Barn. EVERYONE with a store claims they have 'good fresh meat', but NONE of them raise their own cattle. Hmm. Where, then, is the 'good meat' coming from?

Our customers are the most confident shoppers in the world, because they never have to ponder such a ridiculous question: our beef is raised by our family on our farm, period. We don't sell 'good meat', because that's far too simplistic of a mindset. This is hand-crafted BEEF, and it's raised with tomorrow in mind.


Speaking of BEEF, have you tried Petite Tenders? These are like a cousin to filet, cut from the chuck and extremely tender. They're hugely popular.


How about Flank steak? Slice against the grain, marinate if you choose, then saute for caramelized goodness in a taco.


Are you grilling these days? Here's a hint: use stew beef cubes to reduce your prep time. Skewer the delicious, bite-sized morsels, season, then sizzle with skewered veggies. Stew beef = convenient kabobs. (Make extra.)


Here's an unsung hero: eye of round steak. If you're partial to cast-iron cooking, this is the steak to use. Get your pan good and hot, sear the dickens out of them, then serve the medallions with eggs and toast. Yes, you read that correctly: steaks for breakfast. Or steak breakfast for dinner. Or steak and eggs for lunch. Any time will do. And you'll be happy you did.

That's it! Clarion County's #1 source for legitimate BEEF is re-stocked and ready for YOU! See you at the farm!