The Beef, Friends, is RESTOCKED! (After 2 pm.)

IT'S WEDNESDAY!!! Without a doubt, this is the BEST day to visit the Beef Barn, because today is the day we re-stock all your favorite steaks, roasts, and ground beef!

Labor Day has everything thrown off this week. The beef will be arriving late today, likely after 2pm, so plan accordingly (Experience tells us, after reading this, most people will arrive at 10:30 am looking for a steak. Ha!).

Here's a quick rundown:

- We're preparing for Clarion River Brewing Company's Fall Spectacular on September 14, Autumn in the Air - Banquet in the Barn, so there will not be any T-bone or Porterhouse steaks again this week.

- We WILL have some tremendous Strip Steaks, Ribeyes, Sirloins, Flat Irons, Flanks, Filets, Chuck Eyes, Stew Meat, various roasts, ground beef, and more!


Little Sprouts Produce has sweet corn ready to go! Here's a farm rule: eat sweet corn when it's sweet corn season. Friends: it's still sweet corn season!

burger and sweet corn GF.jpg

Farmhouse Flowers has fresh-cut bouquets ready to go for $5. Remember: buy one for someone you love, and you'll both feel better.

Fresh Flowers.jpg

Shirts are back! Large and extra large are in stock once again. Did you miss your size the first time around? Here is your chance to fill the void in your life. $15.

Clarion Farms Shirt.JPG

There are some very cool hats in stock, too. These stylish, neutral-toned head covers will fit in whether you're playing a round of golf, spending time with friends, or eating at your favorite local brewery. $28.

Logo Trucker Hat.jpg

Did I mention BEEF? It's re-stocked? I did? That's a big deal, you know. It's what we do, and it's what you love, so it's worth mentioning again: The Beef Barn, dear friends, will be re-stocked this afternoon.

Be. Excited.