Where to eat this week: Take-Out Tuesday!

If you're going to dine outside your home, you might as well go somewhere that supports local farms. That's why we celebrate Take-Out Tuesday every week! This is the place to check and discover the restaurants that serve Clarion Farms Beef on their menu!

Beer. Clarion Farms burgers. Live music. Awesome atmosphere. Yep: Clarion River Brewing Company can't be beat for date night! These guys have an excellent menu that's designed to make you slow down and enjoy your time in this town. Whether you live here or you're just passing through, we highly recommend a stop at the Brewery!

Make Farm-to-Table function this week and visit Clarion River Brewing Company at 600 Main St, Clarion, PA. Check out their website, www.clarionriverbrew.com, for more information. Thank you in advance for supporting the restaurants that support our farm!