Happy Wednesday! The BEST day to live in Clarion.


Wednesdays are the BEST day to live in Clarion because they're the uptick on the EKG of unprocessed local food. We re-stock the Beef Barn with a huge selection of our fresh beef that will fill your refrigerator with something wholesome to enjoy.

Here is what we're excited about:

Sirloin Steaks. We still have a lot of these babies on hand. Everyone has heard of sirloin because it's often listed as the cheap 'steak' at chain restaurants, and, as a result, those same people usually scrunch up their nose at the mention of the cut. The bad reputation is undeserved! Try a Clarion Farms sirloin - they're anything but generic (and they won't break your wallet.)

Feeling Cheeky. Yes! Beef cheeks! Are you adventurous? They're great - if you know how to cook them. We'll give them a five out of five on the difficult-to-prepare scale, but we have a lot of customers who are definitely up to the task, don't we? You'll have a hard time finding good cheeks anywhere else. Here is your chance!

Ribeyes. America's most recognized steak. They sell themselves, but I'm mentioning them because they look oh-so-good this week. Put some in your freezer. That's better than money in the bank.

Bones. Making broth? Tired of sodium-laced beef reductions at the store? You can whip some up at home with our soup bones. Convenient sized bags offer a perfect mix for a large pot of homemade broth.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, friends. There are flanks, flat irons, t-bones, porterhouse, tip roasts, chuck roasts, filet, London broil, and a whole lot more.

A healthy town is surrounded by healthy farms, and our farm is healthy because of you. Thanks!

See you at the Beef Barn!