Wednesday: The BEST day to live in Clarion!

IT'S WEDNESDAY!!! The undisputed BEST day to live in Clarion is this glorious waypoint we visit between weekends. Why? Wednesday is the day we re-stock the Beef Barn with all of your favorite cuts!

What's awesome this week?


SHANK. Yep, shank. I have two words for anyone who hasn't ever tried this spectacular piece of beef: Osso. Buco. Google it; there are about a trillion recipes. They're surprisingly easy to follow. Some contain wine, so you can finish the bottle while your meal is simmering away. Me? I'd favor a Straub Beer (they have returnable bottles, which is extremely cool). Whatever your beverage of choice, this day is going to be a glorious one to enjoy while sipping away and eating beef shank.


T-bones and Porterhouse. I'm surprised by how many Porterhouse we have piled up at the store. They're my favorite steak, and you even have a bone left for the dog when you've finished. We're loving long days and extraordinary bouts of sunshine that accompany Spring; this, friends, is Porterhouse weather. We have a ton of them, so invite your friends, too.


CHUCK ROLL!! GET YOUR CHUCK ROLL!! Ha! This is a teaser picture - I believe this extraordinary piece of beef is destined for Zack's in New Bethlehem, where it will be turned into the best chuck roll you've ever had in your life. But...think about it. If you're having a party for a lot of people, a big hunk of marbled, delicious chuck might be just the ticket. That, and Straub beer.

That's the round up! Of course, we have about everything else in the way of community-centric craft beef, too, so make sure to take your time and look around. Plan your weekend today, friends, so you can attack your free time with gusto instead of shopping at the last minute.

See you at the Beef Barn!