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Fast Food Mentality (Get One)

If local farming and wholesome nutrition encompass the niche market, then fast food may accurately be tagged as the antagonist to the mission, being a product of industrialized production and indiscriminate consumption.  Farmers and consumers have to objectively examine the differences between local food culture and fast food culture in an effort to shift the needle of consumer participation.

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A review for old friends, and orientation for new!

IT'S WEDNESDAY!! The unequivocal BEST day to live in Clarion, because Wednesdays are the day we re-stock the Beef Barn with all of your favorite cuts.

We're honored to have an influx of new followers who're interested in this bustling farm community we call home. If you're new, welcome! We think you'll love being a part of the family as much as we do.

Let's go over a few details to make sure old friends and new fans alike are on the same page (this is a little lengthy, but worth the read):

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